Swiss Amateur Radio Station

1999 Pacific DXpedition: Wallis and Futuna

February 23rd - March 8th



There are very few hotels on Wallis & Futuna. All are listed on http://wallis-islands.com/hotels with prices, location, phone number, etc. It's recommended to book your hotel a few months in advance as at certain time of the year they can be full.

I staid at the "Moana-Hou" which I would only recommend for a one-man DXpedition. The place is rather small but good enough for verticals and small dipoles. The hotel is also lacking in comfort, at least there is air conditioning. A better choice is the Albatros hotel near the airport with swimming pool, TV, air conditioning, golf. In summer 1999 the FW8ZZ crew was there and had great signals in Europe.

For DX purposes, the Moana-Hou has a clear takeoff to the north/east/south but has hills to the west/northwest. The Albatros is clear to all directions with some hills to the south. None of the hotels is located directly on the beach. The nearest is the Moana-Hou at about 50 meters.

On the island of Futuna the only accommodation is a guest house on the south part of the island near the city of Leava. The north takeoff is unfortunately totally blocked by a high cliff.


220 Volts, 50 Hz, with french plugs. Stability is good. I got only one electricity breakdown of a few hours during my 2 weeks stay.


No problem. The custom officers are French officials.


There is almost no tourists on Wallis & Futuna. When I was there I saw NO tourists. When you see "white" people, most of them are french officials working for a 2-3 years period. Every important positions are held by french officials: Customs, PTT, school, police, etc. So you'll see a lot of French people on the islands but they are not tourists...!

Ham population

The only resident ham on Wallis that I know is Aimé Bell, FW8BA, a retired French Telecom worker. He still has a transceiver but no antennas. He let me know that he thought to erect a 3 elements beam in the near future and be active again in SSB on 20/15/10m.


Wallisean and Futuna dialects. French is the official language. Very few inhabitants speak English (as in France ;-))


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