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CÚdric Baechler

1999 Pacific DXpedition: Wallis and Futuna

February 23rd - March 8th


Flag of Wallis Territory

QSL printed by Funk Amateur

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After my  DXpedition in Tonga (A35FN) and in Western Samoa (5W0FN) in february 1998 where I had a lot of fun, I'm already preparing the next trip. It'll be Wallis and Futuna (FW) next february 1999. Again I'll be QRV especially for Europe, mostly in CW. This time I want also give a try to RTTY and be QRV on 160 m.

A very nice home page in french and english about Wallis and Futuna can be found at http://wallis-islands.com

I've prepared the flight plan using  http://www.thetrip.com.


Wallis and Futuna are a group of islands in the south Pacific. The location of the main island (Uvea) is about:
    Latitude:      S13.15░
    Longitude: W176.05░

Wallis (Uvea)

Flag of Wallis territory


Flag of Futuna territory Flag of Sigave territory


Location Wallis and Futuna, Wallis Islands, Uvea Island, IOTA: OC-054
Date February 23rd - March 8th 1999
Call sign FW5FN
Modes Mostly CW. Some SSB and RTTY
Bands 1.8 - 28 MHz


Transceiver: Icom IC-706 with Astron switching power supply SS-25.
Amplifier: FinnFet FF-1001 (broken after 300 QSOs!).
Tuner: MFJ-949E
Antennas: GP Cushcraft AP8A for 80-10m, dipoles, wire.
1 Laptop Pentium 233/MMX  with logging program TR-Log.


Searching the logs is available (final logs). A very interesting feature is that you can check the status of your QSL. Every outgoing QSL will be marked in the log!

During the DXpedition I'll try to update the logs every 3-4 days. The RTTY logs won't be available because the qso's will be written on paper. I cannot use my log program and the RTTY program together under DOS!

The complete logs (CW, SSB and RTTY) will be available here after my return.


You can request a bureau QSL via E-mail.
QSL cards are available via the bureau or direct with a SAE (Self addressed envelopes) and the necessary return postage. I will print a beautiful color QSL. I would be very thankful to receive a small donation with your card to help me with the DXpedition costs.
SAE with insufficient return postage will be answered via the bureau.

What I need for a letter up to 20 gramms from Switzerland is:
To Overseas:
    2 US$ or 2 IRC for any envelopes.
To Europe:
    1 US$ or 1 IRC for any envelopes.

Note that I prefer to receive US$ instead of IRCs!

My address (new since Oct. 1st 2003):
    CÚdric Baechler
    Imp. des Préalpes 15
    CH-1754 Avry
E-mail: hb9hfn (@) baechler.cx

Flight Plan / Timetable

Don't be shocked if the departure date is after the arrival date. The dateline crossing the middle of the Pacific is the reason!

Flight Number Flight Segment Departure Date (local time) Arrival Date (local time) Stops
Air France AF 2143 Geneva (GVA) - Paris (CDG) Sunday 21 Feb 1999, 1630 21 Feb, 1735  
Air France AF 70 Paris (CDG) - Papeete (PPT) 21 Feb, 1940 22 Feb, 0600 Stop in Los Angeles
Air CalÚdonie Int. SB 511 Papeete (PPT) - Wallis (WLS) 22 Feb, 0720 Tuesday 23 Feb, 0925  
Air CalÚdonie Int. SB 510 Wallis (WLS) - Papeete (PPT) Tuesday 9 Mar, 0010 8 Mar, 0605  
Air France AF 71 Papeete (PPT) - Paris (CDG) 8 Mar, 0950 9 Mar, 1710 Stop in Los Angeles
Air France AF 2542 Paris (CDG) - Geneva (GVA) 9 Mar, 1805 Tuesday 9 Mar, 1910  

A few approximate distances:

Geneva - Paris: 400 km
Paris - Los Angeles: 9'077 km
Los Angeles - Papeete: 6'632 km
Papeete - Wallis: 2'894 km

Total: 19'003 km (one way)

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