HB9HFN - Amateur Radio Station

CÚdric Baechler

1999 Pacific DXpedition: Wallis and Futuna


Information about licensing

Address of licensing authority:

Logo of SPT

Monsieur le Chef du Service des Postes et TÚlÚcommunications
B.P 00
98600 Mata'Utu
Wallis and Futuna

Phone: +681 72 21 21
Fax:     +681 72 25 00
Telex:  5100
E-mail:    spt.get@wallis.co.nc
WWW:    http://www.wallis.co.nc/ (in french!)

Documents to present:

2'000 F CFP (Pacific Francs) or 16.76 Euro => about 20 USD

Power limitation:
1.8 - 25 MHz: 500 watts
28 MHz: 250 watts
>30 MHz: 120 watts

How to obtain the license:
You can obtain a temporary amateur radio license without any problems if you send the necessary documents and the money (bank cheque) to the licensing authority. Send your paperwork at least one month in advance. They prefer that you go to their main office in Mata'Utu and they will give you personally the license. I've got a copy of the license in advance by e-mail. The license is valid up to 3 months.
Normally they assign FW/<home callsign> callsigns. I was lucky to obtain FW5FN !!
The main office is located near the cathedral and the king's house. Ask for the "Chef de service".

Special callsigns
Ask! They may assign callsigns with the prefix TW for special events.

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