1998 DXpedition in Tonga and Western Samoa

A35FN, A35LZ - 5W0FN, 5W0LZ


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During our South Pacific DXpedition we stayed at the following resorts:


Kahana Resort: Link #1, Link #2

The place for antennas is limited but no problems if you have verticals. It's located 1.5-2 km from the capital city Nuku'alofa. It's a very good idea to rent a bike (just near the main bus stop in Nuku'alofa) if you want to visit the area. Electric voltage is 220V with australian plugs.

P.S: The correct FAX number is 22970

Western Samoa

Samoan Village Resorts: Link #1, Link #2

Photo by PA3AXU Photo by PA3AXU

In Samoa we staid at the Samoan Village Resorts, 40 km from Apia, on the west side of Upolu island. The place is very quiet and it has a lot of space for all kind of antennas. You can use coconuts trees (20m high!) to install a 160m dipole for example. I would highly recommend this place as we saw other resorts during a tour of the island that didn't have such good possibilities to install antennas. Note that they use 117V  and US plugs in this resort (with some voltage fluctuations but no problems with our switching power supply!), 240V otherwise in the rest of the island.

The direct Fax number is 46098. Phone is 46028.

The last 2 pictures on the right were taken by Gerard, PA3AXU, in fall 1998.

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