HB9HFN - My Running Page

Cédric Baechler

Beside the ham radio hobby I like and practice sport, especially cross-country running. I'm a member of the Club Athlétique de Belfaux.

One of my challenge is to run the marathon and its mythic distance of 42.195 km. So far I've run 6 marathons and my best performance is 2h55' in Paris in April 2000 (picture below).

Local clubs and running events

In the following table one can see my best times on various distances:

Distance Time Date, location
3'000 m 9m 58s July 2000, Bulle
10'000 m 35m 55s 1999, Bulle
semi-marathon (21.1 km) 1h 18m 34s March 2001, Paris
marathon (42.195 km) 2h 55m 36s

April 2000, Paris



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